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Welcome to the HR Department of the Year Awards COVID-19 Policy Library

Included you will find best practice policies that area HR Leaders and Departments have agreed to share with the general HR community. These policies have been vetted by our HR Department of the Year Review Committee.

In addition, we have curated articles, policies etc. from various associations and organizations that have strong reputations and are on top of the latest research and findings that can benefit the HR community. You will find that info by category in the library as well.

Please feel free to browse the library and download policies that might be useful in your organization. These policies will also be utilized by our review committee to assist in the selection of our honorees for this year’s awards celebration.

If you are interested in submitting a policy for consideration, please send it to Scott Rosen at for review and we will get back to you with our decision. Please be sure your company has given permission for all content to be published publicly.

Please choose the topic from the COVID-19 Library List below

Benefits and Compensation Management | Diversity  | Employee Communication  | Employee Engagement  | Employee Wellness and Stress Management  | Social Responsibility  | Remote Work |  Return to Work  | Talent Acquisition and Management  | Technology  | Workplace Safety

Articles Coming Soon with Your Help

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