APPLY BY AUGUST 18th, 2023
APPLY BY AUGUST 18th, 2023

Receive recognition for your department’s outstanding service excellence through the premier HR Awards’ program in the region. There are two different awards to apply for – each with separate applications and application processes. Click on one of the categories below to find the electronic applications, plus more information about each award and the process.

Your company can apply for as many categories as you’d like – for example, you could apply for the HR Department of the Year Award and then also apply for specific Excellence categories.

Special Awards

CEO Award
The CEO Award recognizes a CEO of a company whose specific beliefs, views and the operational activities support the HR function and employees. The recipient is a leader who has made an impact on his or her employees which created innovative change within the company. At the HR Department of the Year Awards event, a CEO will be recognized.


Would you like to nominate an HR department, other than your own, for one of the 2023 awards? Email with their information and we will send them the information to apply. Please include the company name, contact name, title, email, phone and the award you would like to nominate them for. Thank you for contributing!

Benefits of Participation

  • Acknowledge the contributions your HR Department has made towards accomplishing your company’s business objectives
  • Help make your organization become the “benchmark” within the HR industry
  • Creates an impact not only in the community but within the organization
  • Demonstrate how your employees/co-workers are one of your most important assets
  • Share your challenges, opportunities and ideas for success with industry peers
  • Acknowledge the contributions of your HR staff/co-workers

Application and Judging Process

  • Application is completed and submitted via online. (Please be sure to answer all questions thoroughly as you will not have another chance to go into your submission and make changes).
  • Once all application forms have been received and recorded, the judges will begin their analysis which is broken down into two separate stages and takes about one month.
  • In stage one; the judges will review the application form in its entirety.
  • The second stage includes phone and/or in-person interviews conducted by the judges with the HR department and those stakeholders such as HR department attorneys, accountants, benefit providers, placement and staffing agencies or consultants, who would be able to give relevant feedback on the application submitted.
  • This only applies to the HR Department Award; there are no interviews with the Excellence Award Applications.
  • All applicants HR Headquarters should be located within a 1 hour driving radius of Center City, Philadelphia
  • Applicants and judges reserve a seat at the Awards Dinner and Presentation on Thursday, November 16, 2023 at 5:30pm.
  • Applicants should urge the department to reserve a seat at the awards dinner where the winners will be announced and presented with an award.