Access Services

The Access Services Human Resources department over the past few years has reorganized, established enhanced customer service objectives, redefined internal roles, and is a strategic partner within all levels of the organization most impactful with senior and executive management.  This has been done with a new HR leader and a restructuring of how the organization operates in the same six-month period.  The team is nimble, energetic, and engaged.  Team members of the department support the new department leader and handle change in a professional and positive approach. The team continues to ask for more responsibilities and are competent beyond their roles.  Where a few years ago management did not trust or fully value the HR department, company leadership now values the department and its services.  HR at Access is considered a valuable partner of the organization and continues to create new ideas to be better and increase value.

Action Wellness

The one-person HR department at Action Wellness successfully manages the recruitment and retention of approximately 110 full time professional staff. Our HR Director Bevie Chandler, is intentional about ensuring that our employees feel valued at engagement and throughout their service. Her department philosophy on recruitment is that any effective strategy must begin with a positive first impression. To this end, she ensures that our HR web page remains user-friendly, current with employment opportunities, and offers a comprehensive overview of the many benefits of working at Action Wellness. Bevie has also added innovative enhancements such as recruitment through social media platforms as well as cost-saving measures such as utilizing non-profit aligned sites that offer free job postings.

Bevie spearheads our efforts to increase diversity and inclusiveness, ensuring that our employee policies affirm a culture of tolerance and mutual respect. To ensure that employees have optimal work environments Bevie chairs our Safety Committee, which conducts quarterly audits of our office spaces, addressing safety issues and any other facility issues or concerns.

For all of these reasons, Action Wellness believes that our agency is deserving of the 2019 Human Resources Department of the Year Excellence Award for Talent Acquisition.

Allan Myers, Inc.

The Allan Myers commitment to wellness began over 15 years ago with our CEO as our biggest champion. With his overwhelming support, our wellness initiative has been adopted into our company’s mission, placing it at the forefront of everyone’s mind and encouraging all employees to get on board with making Allan Myers the healthiest workplace. With wellness coaches interacting with employees and coaching on risky lifestyle issues such as tobacco use, nutrition, exercise, weight loss, blood pressure, stress, chronic conditions, and more, our population is educated and equipped with the resources to battle these issues and become their healthiest self. Our employees are engaged and committed to wellness; we boast a consistent 90%+ participation rate for annual biometric screenings. Our team attends annual H&W conferences to stay on top of changing trends. We use the latest technology, such as TextHR, to reach our dispersed population. As the largest heavy civil contractor in the Mid-Atlantic we have a responsibility to the public; being healthy allows us to be Better, Faster, and Safe.


In the area of wellness, the ALMO HR Department does a great job of supporting their onsite coaches in various ways.  ALMO encourages their employees to utilize the onsite wellness coaches as they truly believe that a healthier employee is a happier employee.  Their commitment to a healthier workplace for every employee is evident in their recent expansion of wellness coaching services to all of their locations throughout the country.

American Heritage Credit Union

Our Human Resources/Training Department is an avid proponent and facilitator of many of the social responsibility efforts at American Heritage Credit Union. We are involved in everything from preparing home-cooked meals for families staying at the Ronald McDonald Houses in Philadelphia, to supporting childhood literacy through our Books for Kids program and helping to make families’ holidays brighter through our Adopt-A-Family initiative. These are just a few examples of the ways we help to enhance the lives of those within the communities we serve. Our dedication to the various community involvement programs within American Heritage, combined with paid volunteerism opportunities for our staff, not only benefits our communities, but also our employees. At American Heritage, employees personify social responsibility every day and proudly contribute to the credit union philosophy of “People Helping People.”


Aramark’s Diversity team has been able to work with key leaders and advocates across the organizations to build and implement a successful D&I strategy. The team has spearheaded several key initiatives to help hire and grow diverse talent in their workforce, to build an inclusive workplace for all employees, and to drive economic impact for the local communities in which they operate, clients, and customers. Through intentional and targeted initiatives like executive mentoring, strategic partnerships, and supplier diversity programs, the team has been able to see fantastic results like tripling the number of woman leaders in the c-suite, growing employee resource group membership by 200%, and growing spend with diverse suppliers by 14%.

Brandywine Realty Trust

The Human Resources Department of Brandywine Realty Trust is truly exceptional.  They are at the forefront of creating a respectful work environment where differences are valued, and employees have a good work/life balance. The HRBPs are diligently working with their assigned teams to create a strong performance culture where employees know what is expected of them. Our employees feel teams are customer focused and believe in the products and services. Our employees understand and believe in Brandywine’s strategic priorities and think the company will be successful in the future.

The Human Resources teamwork side by side with their aligned teams for better synergies, quality, and trust. Our employees are comfortable going to our HR team due to the trust and respect they have with our team members. The Human Resources team work extremely well together, and they are involved in many areas of the company to ensure strategic alignment is solid.

This team is dedicated, knowledgeable, trustworthy, smart, funny, and have a great rapport with the teams they interact with on a daily basis. The amount of initiatives created and implemented by this department is amazing! This team is truly deserving of this prestigious award!

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s diversity and inclusion office is a small but mighty team responsible for diversity initiatives from the C-suites to the nurse’s station to the IS worker to the lab researcher, finding ways to connect, partner, collaborate and demonstrate the power of diversity and inclusion at the first pediatric hospital in the country. We provide awareness programs in the halls of our Hospital, diversity education sessions in units and in the classroom, and in events across our service areas, which in 4 years has reached over 13,500 employees.

The impacts of our initiatives are far-reaching: our programs empower and support our diverse workforce, patient and family population and community to advance CHOP’s mission in order to inspire worldwide access to superior pediatric healthcare for generations to come regardless of race, ethnicity, color, age, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, disability source of payment or income level. Our excellent achievements in our diversity initiatives, as well as our collaborative approach supported from the top, enable our team to adjacently support the Human Resources department in their goals of making CHOP a place where the best people do their best work in support of children’s health.


At CubeSmart we say that it’s what’s inside that counts. As an HR Team, we believe “what’s inside” is less about our self-storage units and is entirely about our people and our culture. That shared belief drives the CubeSmart HR Team to work collaboratively, serving a greater purpose through clear and aligned departmental and business objectives.

The work our HR Team delivers has proven impacts across the organization. From increasing engagement to enhancing performance to streamlining our employment offerings to empowering our leaders, our HR Team helps CubeSmart to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Our HR Team serves as trusted advisors, proactively bringing extensive expertise to enhance performance. Our team is sought out by leaders across the business for our leadership in shaping our culture, driving collaboration, and building partnerships. Our teammates look to HR to help them reach their individual and collective potential.

 ELAP Services

Our small but highly effective team operates consistently under three guiding principles: we are (1) trusted advisors with bottom line impact; (2) role models of excellence in the organization; and (3) we enable the best with and for each other.  Our commitment to these values has enabled us to directly contribute to sales revenue and client retention as well as influence and support a culture worthy of “Top Places to Work” recognition by our employees.  Our focus is not on building more infrastructure, but rather leveraging our talents and experience to implement processes and programs that are scalable and focused on optimizing employee performance and engagement.  We are constantly evaluating our own effectiveness so that the bar continues to be raised.  We are passionate about what we do.  We innovate.  We advocate.  We empower employees, clients and each other.  We hold ourselves accountable.  This is who we are.


Our HR department is exceptional. We continuously challenge ourselves not only to create a culture of Own it at ICON, but to live it. What stands out most is the collaboration across ICON HR. Within our HR community, you can always count on that genuine collaboration, we truly are “one team”. From peers to our HR Leaders and our CHRO.

We recognize that not only are we the owners of process improvement and employee program ideation and innovation, but that we too are employees using these same processes, tools and information. We leverage this personal experience to inform and help us create great employee experiences. We want to make it easier for our employees to work at ICON and we are relentless in our efforts to create the ultimate employee and manager experience. We know these actions enable ICON to achieve its business outcomes and that by serving our employees well, our customers get the data and tools they need to ensure patients can access clinical trials quickly and that lifesaving drugs get market approval as soon as possible. Ultimately our HR team contributes daily to ICON’s mission of saving and improving quality of lives.


7 years ago, ImageFIRST had 240 associates & 3 people working in HR.  By the end of the year we will have 2000 associates & 10 people in the dept.  This team is the best, they can accomplish anything.

 Inframark, LLC

Over the past 18 months, with renewed purpose for our organization and its Mission, we have assembled a highly skilled, highly experienced team, each with their own area of expertise. This team has courageously and professionally overcome any obstacle encountered, and joined together to share and build upon our passion for helping employees every day. We strive for effectiveness and consistency in the support we provide to our employees and managers to ensure a harmonious, dedicated, highly functioning workforce who are proud to be a part of the Inframark family. The innovative programs that we have implemented together have been highly impactful and well received because of ease of use and focus on people outcomes over process. Our team works tirelessly – days, nights or weekends – in order to provide exceptional support and service so that our facilities can operate at the highest capacity possible, providing outstanding service to our clients and protection of our environment. In all we do, we strive not just for excellence in serving our own company, customers, and employees, but also to be thought leaders and change agents to make our industry, peers and communities better for our efforts.

 Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

The People & Culture Team is the heartbeat of the Philadelphia based Kimpton hotels & restaurants. Our P&C team’s mission is to cultivate and grow positive, employee-driven relationships based on care, compassion, respect, and trust.  As ambassadors of Kimpton’s culture, we foster an environment where employees are heard, managers are supported, and P&C-related activities and guidance are heartfelt, lawful, fair, and consistent.

Through the execution of a wide-range of P&C initiatives, they have improved annual employee happiness scores, increased internal promotions and transfers, decreased our Workers Compensation claims, and helped to secure Kimpton global recognition as a Fortune Magazine’s “Best Company to Work For,” 10 years running, with an increased ranking year after year.

 L&T Technology Services

L&T Technology Services Limited (LTTS) is a global leader in Engineering and R&D (ER&D) services. With 399 patents filed for 51 of the Global Top 100 ER&D spenders, LTTS lives and breathes engineering. Our innovations speak for itself – World’s 1st Autonomous Welding Robot, Solar ‘Connectivity’ Drone, and the Smartest Campus in the World, to name a few.

Our benefits and initiatives attract star global talent, creating a high-performance culture. With our immense global presence and substantial size of the organization, we make it a priority to develop and celebrate the achievements of our team members across the globe periodically. As an organization, we believe and are committed to the fact that our employees are our greatest assets. Essentially, LTTS is a great place to work and a family to be part of.

LTTS believes in connecting and creating a lifelong bond with their prospective resources. We engage our talent by guiding them about progressive career growth within LTTS and job enrichment opportunities that exist. Our goal is to engage prospective candidates who can assimilate with the DNA and the philosophy of the company and become a part of the LTTS family in the longer run.

 Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

In the area of wellness, the PCOM HR Department does a great job of supporting our onsite coaches at their Philadelphia campus and Georgia campus.  They have recently added nutrition counseling services to their Philadelphia campus in addition to the one-on-one wellness coaching service that they have offered to their employees for years.  The PCOM HR department encourages their employees to utilize these services by including the coaches in in their new hire training meetings whenever possible and by sending out a monthly email blast with a monthly wellness topic and the contact information for each of the coaches.  Both campus locations also have an onsite fitness center that employees can utilize to reach their fitness goals.


Pennoni HR has transformed the relationship between corporate partners and the technical groups of the firm. Ensuring that every initiative aligns with the firm’s strategic plan, we drive measurable business results. Our focus has brought cultural change to the organization, establishing HR as a valued business partner. In response, our Executive team approved three new specialist functions in the last two years: Employee Relations, Learning and Development, and Benefits. This has enabled our team to advance as a function and in turn, drive excellence in the full employee lifecycle: attract – engage – develop.

We continually seek out innovative ways to attract the best talent through new technologies and industry partnerships. We are building outstanding onboarding experiences for both full-time and intern colleagues to enhance their integration to our firm.  We have reduced expenses through contract negotiations and fine-tuning benefit offerings while retaining quality, market-competitive packages.

We have dedicated ourselves to making a difference for the firm and our colleagues through relationship building, creative thinking, and problem solving. Despite our size, we have increased our reach by diversifying our expertise. Because of our size, we understand that our greatest strength lies in our team’s unity. “One Band – One Sound!”

Phenom People

Phenom People strives to cultivate a #NotNormal work environment for all employees. Life is measured in moments that leave a lasting impression: a wedding, birth of a child, the purchase of a first house. It is our belief that our employees should have similar experiences at work. The Phenom People HR department is dedicated to creating personalized moments for all employees starting on their very first day. Through our platform, we are helping a billion people find the right job, but the process first starts within the walls at Phenom People.

Police & Fire Federal Credit Union

The base of Human Resources is “our team”. We rely on each other’s areas of expertise to assist with all functions of the department. Members of our team stem from different backgrounds, both internally and externally which allows us to present new ideas that could enhance different areas. There is a vast PFFCU life span even within HR (from 2 weeks to 25 years). This allows older ideas to be revitalized.

HR and technology are consistently evolving; therefore, we have been attending seminars/webinars to stay abreast of the latest trends. Some of these new technologies include I-cloud based Intranet, which allows employees to easily retrieve benefit information, and we established Carrier Connections, which automated the enrollment process. We have initiated the process of self-servicing within ADP for employee benefit enrollment.

Our department is not perfect, but we operate as a perfect team! Each year we look forward to the betterment of the department and overall employee satisfaction. We believe our benefits are exceptional and contribute to the stability of the organization by keeping turnover low and the employees happy.

Premier Dental

In the area of wellness, the Premier Dental HR Department does a great job of partnering with Wellness Coaches to offer a wide variety of wellness services to their employee population.  They offer onsite wellness coaching in addition to nutrition counseling and truly do encourage their employees to utilize both services.   The Director of HR does a great job of supporting the coach and RD initiatives at their two locations in the Philadelphia area.


Qlik has an incredible dedication to its customers that is matched only by the dedication to its employees. We want Qlik to be a place where employees feel welcomed, empowered, and feel they are not just able to grow, but are encouraged to do so. We have built programs specifically to help our employees onboarding to Qlik’s culture and their new role within that culture, as well as to help our leaders better partner with their teams and the business. We make sure employees know how they are able to move up in the company, or move into a different role on another team, and encourage them to build their skills and relationships to allow those moves to happen. As a department, we look to partner with all areas of business to improve performance, enhance development, deliver effective communication and knowledge, and provide cost savings and efficiencies. When we have employees, who feel they are in control of their own development and performance, we see greater results for the business and for the employee.

 Radian Group, Inc.

The Radian HR team is a partner for business strategy and decisions on a daily basis, based on our expertise and ability to change at the pace of the business.  Driving cultural changes, the Radian HR team has partnered with executive leadership to shift the way the organization looks at optimal results – focusing on the whole employee experience and driving a balance in managing individual needs with the needs of the organization.  Over the last 18 months, the Radian HR team managed multiple business acquisitions, launched a new Human Capital Management (HCM) system, implemented a transformational performance review process, established a new enterprise-wide employee recognition program, launched a large-scale talent review and succession planning process, as well as a number of other strategic and “business as usual” initiatives. In addition, the team recommended enhancements to our benefits programs, such as financial wellness programming, and increasing our 401k match.  The team brings commitment and diverse thought to continuously create meaningful and results-oriented, value-add programs, tools, and resources to support Radian.  The Radian HR team will continue to innovate at the speed of our business, focusing on the employee experience and balancing risk-reward towards Radian’s overall success.

 Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company

The Reliance Standard HR team is smart, authentic, nimble, focused, trustworthy, and fun.  In a short period of time we have completely transformed the HR organization, while simultaneously building a high level of credibility and trust among all employees and changing the RSL culture.  We accomplished this by assuming ownership of our core enterprise values, operating free of politics and personal agendas, challenging the status quo, listening and observing, delivering on our commitments, learning from our mistakes, and having a great time doing it.  This trust has provided us with the proverbial “seat at the table,” access to raw, authentic and important feedback, and the organizational patience needed to make BIG changes and create world class programs.  We’ve moved mountains in a short period of time but our drive keeps us blazing ahead into a very bright future.

 Rhoads Industries

Rhoads Industries implemented a multifaceted approach to Talent Acquisition and Talent Management These efforts focused on identifying external and growing internal talent.

Based on the shortage of needed skills in the City and region, our pipeline development required the inclusion of individuals with education and skill gaps. Our external recruitment pipeline for entry level employment is relationship-based with local and state agencies, career and technical schools, and local universities.

Simultaneously, Rhoads has developed an innovative approach towards development of our incumbent workforce. Initially focusing on touch labor, Rhoads created a four year, state registered  in-house apprenticeship program housed in our state of the art training facility focused on welding technologies. This program focuses on giving opportunities to incumbent workers enhancing talent retention by upskilling, enhancing culture and advancing employees to higher-skilled roles.


Septa is implementing a company-wide change in culture to direct their employee population to a more healthy lifestyle and the HR department is leading that change.  They work tirelessly to increase employee health, wellness, injury prevention and safety awareness.  Deploying a wellness coach and Registered Dietitians along with promoting existing health tools and resources available through the insurance carrier and third-party providers, the HR team provides the best in class programming for their employees and dependents.

Temple Health

The healthcare industry is a unique laboratory for studying leadership and leadership development because so much is at stake. The impact of a disengaged workforce means not just a reduction in employee and patient satisfaction, but potentially an increase in things like infections, medication errors and mortality.

Temple Health, an urban academic medical center located in North Philadelphia has taken a strategic approach to engagement and leadership that has yielded remarkable results and has recently been highlighted in FORBES.

With a focus on Engagement, Leadership and Employee Development, this organization is creating the culture of teamwork, quality and service to drive the future of their business.  In addition, their focus on aligning talent management initiatives and resources with business goals has driven change, optimized results and driven performance across the system.

 TMNA Services, LLC

TMNAS is a company built around its people, our CORE members. We recognize that it is the combination of the knowledge, skills, and passion of our members that makes us who we are. We pride ourselves on giving our employees the tools and abilities to be productive in any environment, and we recognize that diversity in knowledge, skills, and ideas is crucial.  Through our open communication structure, we ensure all employees feel valued and heard and we act on appropriate feedback.  We also strive to keep employees motivated through a variety of engagement and Diversity & Inclusion focused events, while sharing a commitment to the community we operate in by giving back through employee volunteer time, charitable donations, and our partnership with Special Olympics PA.  We do all of this with the “To Be a Good Company” philosophy at the forefront. For all that is mentioned, the TMNAS HR department has a direct hand in ensuring our success.

 USSC Group

The HR Team at USSC is passionate about delivering best in class service to USSC’s team members and about raising the bar for ourselves to continually increase our employee experience, while also managing the business and compliance aspects of HR.

In support of providing a top-notch employee experience, USSC provides comprehensive benefits and perks programs, designed and administered by the HR team with employee needs in mind. Our employee referral program is one that is very popular as USSC has experienced recent 30-60% growth year over year.

To support this growth, the HR Team has ensured that USSC has the right team in place, which has been instrumental in growing successfully. USSC’s talented team is comprised of passionate, empowered and engaged employees who embody USSC’s core values.

We know that our employees are USSC’s biggest asset and we are fortunate to have a culture that allows us to personalize recognition, think outside of the box in adding perks and wellness initiatives, and plan a variety of events that employees value. Recently, USSC was awarded the Great Place to Work certification which, to us, is a reflection that our initiatives are successful.